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Thank you for your visit to the website of The Resolution Law Group, plc (RLG). This website was developed to inform the visitor about the legal services offered. None of the information contained in this site constitutes, or is meant to constitute, legal advice. The information contained herein is not guaranteed to be correct, complete, or recent in nature, and there is neither an express nor an implied warranty as to the accuracy of the information contained.

The RLG website in no way whatsoever creates an attorney-client relationship between the visitor of this site and any attorney working at the firm. Reading the content of this website does not mean that an attorney-client relationship has been established. Such a relationship is created only by a formal written agreement by and between RLG, or a representative thereof, and an approved client. In no way is the information at this website intended to replace the advice of an attorney, and this site should not be used in lieu of an attorney's advice. The choice of a lawyer and an opinion as to whether an individual needs legal representation are both very important matters that should not be based on a website or advertisement alone.

In no way is the information that is sent to a representative of RLG guaranteed to be confidential or privileged, and sending such information does not mean that the visitor to this site is or will become a client of our firm. If interested in RLG for representation in a legal matter, call (703) 760-4000. Only then can it be determined whether or not the firm is willing or able to make a professional commitment to the matter in question. The firm refuses to make such a commitment via email or internet communication and reserves the right to refuse representation. Additionally, representation may have to be refused if such representation would create a conflict of interest with other clients of RLG.

The Resolution Law Group, plc is not responsible for the content of linked sites. To the extent that we provide links to other organizations and entities or such organizations or entities link to the RLG Web site, such links are for the convenience of site users and we do not make any warranties or representations about the contents of the Web sites linking from or to the RLG Web site. Moreover, there is no sponsorship or affiliation between such entities and The RLG, unless otherwise indicated by RLG.

RLG holds all copyright to this Web site and its content. We encourage any user to download and print any information contained in this Web site for the purpose of viewing, reading, retaining for reference and distributing to others for personal use, provided the material is not altered in any way and our name and/or logo is not removed from the information so used. Any other copying, distribution, modification or retransmission is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of RLG. For any questions regarding this copyright notice, please contact.

RLG will not use or sell information collected from site users. However, we will gladly respond to you if you contact us via e-mail, snail mail, fax or phone. We do not use "cookies." Although we reserve the right to change this policy, any new policy will not go into effect until after it is posted on this site and will apply to site user information collected after the date of the policy change.

RLG has attempted to meet all legal and ethical requirements in establishing this website. To the extent that the professional responsibly rules of a given jurisdiction require that a principal officer or attorney is designated to accept responsibility for this website, RLG designates Kathryn T. Harris for this role.



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