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In the last several years, the employer’s responsibility for the actions of its employees in the workplace has greatly expanded, making it essential that employers provide the appropriate training and guidance to its workforce in many aspects of employment law.  RLG, through its partnership with Hf Associates, a leading HR Consulting firm based in San Jose, California, provides proven, interactive and cost-effective training solutions tailored to your company’s philosophies, requirements and culture.  The program offerings include ‘off the shelf’ programs as well as those specifically customized to meet the client’s needs.

The workshops consist of short lectures, videos, and relevant exercises to assist managers in applying what they have learned.  It also allows for interactive discussion among participants. 

Our clients consistently rate their training experience with RLG as highly effective, engaging and valuable to employees -

"Kathryn discussed complex legal issues in simple, understandable terms. Her group gave an excellent sexual harassment presentation to our management and supervisory employees which I feel will provide long term benefits to the company."

John Visconsi, Senior Vice President - Asset Management

Price Legacy Corporation

RLG currently provides the following training offerings:


Finding the Balance – Understanding the Legal Aspects of Management

This is a one-day workshop designed specifically for managers. Participants learn about major employment laws, sound employment practices, identifying and preventing harassment in the workplace (focusing on sexual harassment), managing performance, and discipline practices. This program also reviews different types of leaves that employees are entitled to request and the responsibilities of managers in granting them, as well as a manger’s responsibilities concerning protection of the company’s confidential information. 


 Recognizing and Preventing Harassment in the Workplace

This three-hour workshop teaches participants to recognize the types of conduct that may constitute harassment, assists participants in developing skills to prevent harassment from occurring and dealing with it when it occurs, and educates them on Company policies prohibiting sexual harassment.


 Leaves of Absence

This half-day, manager-focused workshop addresses the legal issues presented by employee requests for leaves of absence -- how to effectively communicate company leave policies, properly identify and handle FMLA leave and ADA accommodation requests, and effectively communicate with HR concerning employee absences.



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